Who has written this?

This website has been written by Prof. Patrick Parkinson AM. He has written many specialist books and articles. This website is written to provide information about family law issues for the general public.

Prof. Parkinson is a professor of law at the University of Sydney. He served from 2004-05 as Chair of the Ministerial Taskforce on Child Support which led to major changes in the system in 2008. He chaired the Family Law Council, an advisory body to the federal Attorney-General from 2004-2007. In 2004, he made a proposal to the Prime Minister, the Right Hon. John Howard, for the establishment of Family Relationship Centres around the country to help parents going through relationship difficulties and to offer mediation if the parents have separated. This advice was accepted and now the Family Relationship Centres play an important role in assisting parents and children.

Prof. Parkinson was President of the International Society of Family Law from 2011-2014. He was awarded the Stanley Cohen Distinguished Research Award by the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts, based in North America, in 2013.

Prof. Parkinson also practices as a solicitor in family law. He is Special Counsel to Watts McCray Lawyers which has offices in Sydney, Canberra and on the Central Coast of NSW. He is also a consultant to the International Family Law Group in London. In 2016, he founded The Alternative Courtroom which offers an affordable alternative to the court system to resolve family law disputes.

Prof. Parkinson is a nationally accredited mediator and arbitrator. He can arbitrate property disputes through The Alternative Courtroom. He can also act as a mediator in disputes about the division of property or other financial issues. In children’s cases, he is available to act as a neutral expert to help parents reach agreement without going to court.